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Art Direction
Graphic Design

The project
   Timo and Alice are to pen pals sharing their daily lives in their respective countries : France and Germany. Through their messages, Timo learns that French people eat a King Cake in February ! And Alice, on her side, learns about many German cities.

   Following a big diversification of online ressources these past years, the Franco-German Youth Office and the Cavilam-Alliance Française joined forces to develop a batch of digital ressources in order to introduce German culture to young French people and vice versa.

   These ressources, aimed for primary school students, required a graphic design universal and adaptable enough so it could forge links between the two cultures. This was made possible through the development of Timo and Alice’s story, two characters being the same age and having the same codes as the ressources’ users so they could learn from the other culture in a playful and immersive way.


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