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2019 - 2021

Art Direction
Graphic Design

The project
   As the art director and graphic designer of Topla Publishing house for two years, I had the responsibility to handle its entire graphic identity as well as defining its evolution according to our values and applying it on many medias.

   Indeed, Topla evolved quickly, from a brand creating games to a publishing house, with a great diversity in terms of commitment : gender equality, sexual education, ecology, but also learning english and mathematics...

   That is why, within the frame of this evolution, the graphic chart of each range needed to be precised so Topla would become « Editions Topla » : a complete publishing house with various themes and graphic universes adapted to each one so everyone could spot and recognize them, but with a common signature and layout style that would represent Editions Topla in its whole.

The first identity was developed by Jeanne Dufief.


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